Why us?

Choosing to train with L3 Commercial Training Solutions is an excellent investment in your future. You will study at one of our global locations using world class facilities yet we are known for having a ‘family feel’ and you will form friendships to last a lifetime. Cadets at L3 are never treated as a number; once you have passed our selection process you will feel confident you are able to succeed as a Commercial Airline Pilot and we will be dedicated to helping you achieve that goal.

Top three reasons to train with L3…

Course journey and on-going support

From the instant you submit your application to the moment you receive your graduation certificate, we are here to support you on your journey to becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot.



Our selection process is rigorous. To be a graduate of L3 Airline Academy means you are among the best in the industry and our selection method is designed to assess your ability to succeed as a trainee, co-pilot, Captain and beyond. Fees may apply.

It is important to note our selection days are non-competitive meaning you are assessed against a required L3 or airline standard and not directly against others who are also participating in the testing that day.

Our proven track record of training and supplying the very best pilots to our airline partners means we set a challenging standard, but being relaxed and well prepared will go a long way.


Performance protection

Passing selection means we have the confidence you will succeed as a Commercial Airline Pilot. We are unique in offering Performance Protection to our cadets, meaning if there is a requirement for additional training (both ground and flight) we will provide it at no additional cost to you. Subject to Terms & Conditions.


Outstanding teaching with proven results

We have a 98% success rate through training. Our students achieve an average mark of 90% across all subjects. 97.4% pass the Instrument Rating (IR) first series and 92.9% pass the Commercial Pilots License (CPL) first series. Training with L3 will give you access to outstanding teaching and provide you with an excellent basis to launch your pilot career.

Cadet profile
Ryan Clyde

Easyjet First Officer

  • What’s being a pilot like?

    Nothing I’ve done matches it. It’s so challenging. Flying is a rapidly changing environment. And the exhilaration of being in total control as the aircraft lands or takes off is so exciting. The reality of controlling 60 tonnes of aircraft never gets old. I get a real buzz from it.

  • Any surprises along the way?

    Yes! Training was intense. But definitely worth it. And I didn’t know what daily life looked like for pilots. Things can change, but generally, I fly six times a day. There’s also a misconception that low cost airlines are a lesser class for employees – but it’s not true of easyJet. The pay and standards are great.

  • Did any other commercial airlines stand out?

    Not really, easyJet have a great reputation for taking on young pilots, as the training is fantastic and the variety of destinations is a real pull. The challenge and opportunity to fly these routes isn’t matched anywhere else.

  • Who makes a great pilot?

    You need some academic success, and very good technical skills. Selection is important for you to show your leadership and decision-making skills. You also need to be flexible and take changes in your stride.

  • Plans for the future?

    As a pilot, you first job is the hardest to get, but I now have my ideal base and a stable working pattern. Also, easyJet have lots of opportunities to become a captain in a short time frame, thanks to great training. I don’t want to move elsewhere.

  • Any main highlights?

    Your first solo flight is the most exciting – looking at the empty seat where your instructor used to sit is amazing. I was also featured on an ITV documentary on my first commercial flight. They were big milestones for me.

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