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Once you join FTEJerez, you will experience personal attention in every phase of your training and life on campus, enrolling on a course with a reduced intake of students to guarantee an individual approach to training. You will also discover that our training package and fees include everything you need, from flight training and materials to full board accommodation on site. As training to become an easyJet pilot is very demanding, you will find that having all training facilities and accommodation within walking distance and on the same premises allows you to dedicate the necessary time to excel at your training course.


Each course is allocated with a course mentor who will provide assistance and tuition and, in addition, our Enrolment Officer and Welfare Officer will ensure that your arrival preparations, paperwork and ongoing well-being during training are well taken care of. Also, for your peace of mind, FTEJerez offers all Generation easyJet cadets comprehensive training risk protection.

As FTEJerez is fully aware of the exacting standards easyJet is looking for in their future captains, FTE’s training also equips you from day one with managerial and leadership skills such as Threat & Error Management and Crew Resource Management.


Although English is the official language on campus, with most training staff being native English speakers, FTEJerez is proud of its multicultural environment. You will be training together with cadets from different backgrounds and nationalities and sponsored by other leading airline partners. Not only will FTEJerez train you to the highest standards easyJet and the industry demands, but we can guarantee that your time at FTEJerez will become an integral part of your personal development and an unforgettable experience.

Cadet profile
Rachelle Rogers

EasyJet First Officer

  • What made you want to become a Pilot?

    I quite simply fell in love with flying after having a few trial lessons during the summer of 2015, after my Dad suggested giving it a go. My first solo was the happiest moment of my life and that is when I decided to swap my skis a pilot uniform! (note – Rachelle was an athlete on U18, U21 & Europa Cup Squads, British Ski & Snowboard)

  • Why did you choose FTEJerez in particular?

    After talking to FTE’s staff and graduates at Pilot Careers Live in Heathrow, I liked what the training package had to offer: all-inclusive price, one campus, small course sizes and a friendly atmosphere.

  • What has the course been like?

    The support was excellent and the standard of instruction high. FTEJerez and their instructors really care about the progress of each individual and want to see them succeed. My main challenge was ground school as I come from a non-technical background, however, through hard work and good instruction, I passed all my exams first time.

  • Planning towards the future, how do you see your career developing?

    I hope to go into training as I would love to teach others. I would also like to make a difference in some way and help people using my past and present careers.

  • What advice would you give to people currently looking at routes to becoming a Pilot?

    Be open minded, research all the options available and visit the different training providers. Then, go for the option which feels right for you.

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