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5 reasons why you should make your pilot dreams a reality with CAE…

Course journey and on-going support

3 things you’ll love about the Generation easyJet course at CAE…


Family feel

Student life at CAE is one of our greatest attractions. Time and time again our students tell us that what sets us apart is the family feel that resonates in our academies. Our team of dedicated Customer Service and Instructor staff, make you feel right at home and support you throughout your training with pastoral care, and personal one on one teaching lessons. We are passionate about what we do and we are committed to making your pilot dream a reality.


Learn to fly at two inspiring locations

CAE’s Generation easyJet training course will take you to two very inspiring locations.

Phoenix, USA – You will take to the sky for the first time in Phoenix, USA; Its fair-weather conditions make it the perfect place to learn how to fly. Located at Falcon Field airport and equipped with over 65 aircraft, your Foundation Flight training phase will take you to CAE Phoenix for approximately 6/7 months. You will not only learn how to fly in Phoenix, but you will have the opportunity to live in and explore the USA, making friends and memories that will last a lifetime!

Oxford, UK –The Theoretical Knowledge and the Advanced Flight Training phases of training are conducted at CAE Oxford, located just outside the historical and beautiful city of Oxford. Our academy is located at London Oxford Airport, in view of our fleet of multi-engine piston aircraft, the perfect setting for an aspiring aviator.


CAE’s unique Fleet Standard Assurance

This programme is designed to both protect your training investment and ensure that you leave CAE, with a finely developed skill-set, gaining not only premier flying skills, but also the leadership, teamwork and communication competencies in preparation for the role of First Officer.

Cadet profile
Jonathan Lille

CAE Generation easyJet MPL cadet

  • What made you want to become a Pilot?

    I have wanted to become a pilot since I was a child. Having spent nearly 7 years as an Air Cadet, I had the opportunity to fly in an aircraft which helped confirm that a career as a commercial airline pilot was exactly what I wanted!

  • What was your journey in deciding to apply for the Generation easyJet scheme and why did they choose CAE?

    I chose CAE because of their long-standing reputation, excellent airline placement rates, and strong testimonials from previous students. I made my decision after having attended a Pilot Career Day at CAE Oxford where I found the staff and instructors to be very approachable and encouraging, and I was very excited by the facilities and the details of the course. Through the selection process, the staff were also very supportive.

  • What the course has been like? – support – opportunities – challenges – surprises – best-bits

    CAE Instructors and staff are very friendly and supportive, with lots of interesting and relevant stories from their own careers in aviation. I have been made to feel welcome and because of this I have gained confidence throughout the course. My fellow class mates are like-minded and make for lovely company. My favourite part so far has been the Foundation Flight training part of my course in Phoenix, and am looking forward to moving onto the instrument and simulator phases back in Oxford.

  • Plans for the future, how do you see your career developing?

    My plans for the future are to work with easyJet, and become a Captain. I would also enjoy training younger pilots once I have enough experience myself.

  • Advice to people currently looking at routes to becoming a Pilot?

    If you want to become a pilot, you do need to be passionate about flying highly motivated and hardworking. With determination and the support of your family and friends, you can achieve your dream!

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